My Secret Addiction

4 May

Ever since I was little I have had a fasination with tattoos. My dad had tattoos and each one he has is dedicated to my mom and all the obsticales she overcame and every surgery she came through. So it came as no surprise to me when the urge to ink my body came about.

My first tattoo was at the age 15-16 and it was summer. A girlfriend of mine was quite rebellious so we teamed up and got matching tattoos together. We both got our middle names, on the back of our necks. Mine says Paulina (a family member I was named after) and hers said her middle name too. We went to a sketched out place that didn’t require a parent or the age of 18. I kept it pretty well hidden until I was with my parents on vacation in San Diego. It was about a month after my ink was done and we went out for a walk. I was so hot I needed to put my hair up and just as I did my dad spotted the writing and called me out. He didn’t get mad, he actually thought it was funny. And thank god so did my mom! He still teases me about it to this day.

My second tattoo was one that I got on a whim. My parents had gone away and I was bored. So being rebellious I decided to schedule a tattoo appointment. At this point I thought a second wouldn’t hurt. I decided to get the hebrew word “Chai” which translates into “Life”. In the hebrew language when you make a cheer you said ” La Chaim”… “To Life”. And what better word to look down on everyday and think about how to live your life.

My third tattoo is one of my favorites. It’s on my right side and I got it when my mom was in the hospital after she had major surgery. A man named Enrique was intown at a great parlour from Peru and my dad had previously gotten a tattoo done from him. Mine is an Iris and underneath it says “Eternal Love”. It represents the love I feel for my mom and my dad.

On my left side I now have a tulip with my moms signature “B” in the middle and her date of birth. It needs to be redone and incorporated into my last one. I got it again while she was in the hospital right before she passed away. At the same time I also got my dad’s initial and my initial on my wrist.

My last tattoo is a very special one. It is one that my dad and I both share and worked together on the idea. It is the cancer ribbon in blue (for colon cancer) and has the cancer flower, a daffodil blooming in it. Mine also has a rose to symbolize my grandma, Rose. It represents my family and reminds me of the strength everyone who has cancer or who has been affected with cancer.

Now I just need to incorporate them all into a back piece 🙂

As you can see most of my tattoos are dedicated to family. I have some random ones thrown in but the common thread that ties them all together is love and family!


Dating Flop

18 Apr

Hello All!!

It has been awhile since I have written on this blog. I’m still not sure if anyone reads this, but I feel the need to vent.

So I have been on Jdate since April, and I have “met” a few guys.

They seem to all live in Toronto, and with me being in Edmonton it poses a problem.

I knew going into this that I probably wouldn’t find a guy who lived near me and being the old-fashioned romantic I am I was hoping that they would come to me instead of me flying out to Toronto. No luck. They seem to all have the mindset that I should fly there and meet them. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Toronto. I have hopes of flying out there at the drop of the hat and eventually moving out there. But being “in between” jobs doesn’t help, neither does the fact that I just can’t fund it right now. I also feel it would be super awkward incase we don’t connect. What do you do when your stuck in a city on a 2 day bad date?

There was this one guy who I felt I connected with, but as always I seem to do something and the connection fizzles. I feel like Chuck in Good Luck Chuck. I need someone to break my curse.

I have noticed that since the plans for me going out there aren’t moving forward as fast as these guys like they seem to slowly stop texting or calling as often. I’m sure its the typical “It’s not you, It’s me thing”. Oy. Dating is never easy, nevermind internet dating.

I feel like I’m going to be one those cat women, but with dogs. I’m so ready, despite my age, to meet someone and really connect. I havent been out on a date in 2 years.

I’m also struggling with the emotions of my dad starting to date again. I thought it would be okay, but I feel jealousy and anger. It could be in part that while he is out on dates, im sitting at home being the parent. I just want him to be happy, but I want to be happy too and so far so NOT good.

Any advice?! I’ll take anything!!

Also, I have thought of criteria for my future boyfriend:

  • Family values
  • Treats his mom/sister/any female in his life with respect
  • Independent
  • Kind and caring
  • Has a good sense of humor
  • Has a steady job
  • Likes animals (but not weird ones, my ex had a ferret
  • Wants kids
  • Likes to be active and workout
  • Likes to travel and explore new religions/ cultures
  • Likes music
  • Likes to be social but can stay in for a movie night

I know it’s a long list and it will be hard to find someone who checks each one-off. But Ive dated so many bad eggs that I’m looking a gem!

Thank you for letting me vent, and if there is anyone out there please leave me a comment 🙂

After She Saves The World…

26 Mar

Current Song Im loving that is hitting a strong note with me right now….

Save The Hero

By Beyonce

“I lay alone awake at night
Sorrow fills my eyes
But I’m not strong enough to cry
Despite of my disguise
I’m left with no shoulder
But everyone wants to lean on me.
I guess I’m their soldier.
Well, who’s gonna be mine

Who’s there to save the hero
When she’s left all alone
And she’s crying out for help.
Who’s there to save the hero
Who’s there to save the girl…
After she saves the world
After she saves the world.

I bottle all my hurt inside,
I guess I’m living a lie.
Inside my mind it’s dead or die
What can bring me back to life?
A simple word, a gesture
Someone to say you’re beautiful
Come find this buried treasure

Who’s there to save the hero
When she’s left all alone
And she’s crying out for help
Who’s there to save the hero
Who’s there to save the girl
After she saves the world…
After she saves the world.

I’ve given too much of myself
And now it’s driving me crazy
(I’m crying out for help?)
Sometimes I wish someone would
Just come here and save me…
Save me from myself

Who’s there to save the hero
When she’s left all alone
And she’s crying out for help
Who’s there to save the hero
Who’s there to save the girl
After she saves the world…
After she saves the world.”


J Date Me

9 Mar

Single? Taken? Secret Admirer?

I’ve been single for about a year and a half now and I havent been on one date. Lame I know, but when your last relationship was so shitty it’s hard to get back into the saddle. I don’t really party and would prefer to meet a guy outside the bar scene so I wasnt sure how to go about that. So I was stumped and my friends were stumped. They didn’t know who to set me up with or what I wanted.

A few of my girlfriends and family members had kept suggesting to sign up for or other dating sites. I just wasn’t into it. A few weeks ago my dad signed up for Jdate is a dating website for Jewish people to connect with other jewish people.  At first he wasnt so sure about the site and was going to cancel it, then he started getting hits and kept his profile.

So when I was away I was talking with my aunt and she kept saying to me to try it and sign up. AND I DID! Oh my god, it’s so freaking addicting! I honesty can’t stop checking it and HOLY MAN there are some gooooood looking gentlemen! I may be on the right path to finding mr.right now or mr. right! You can see who views your page, how many hits you get, who’s favorited you and so much more. I could literally spend hours on there creeping. It’s also a little creepy when you see people you know. But the one thing that bothers me is that Im so talkative over the texting or messaging and then when they meet me or I go on a first date I always freeze up and get super shy =(. I also know not to fully trust the people online 100% but I mean it can’t hurt right?

Fingers crossed bloggies!!

Lisa xoxo

Sunday Funday to Home Sweet Home

4 Mar

I left off on my trip posting on Saturday night. Here are my days in points!


  • worked out
  • grocery shopped/ blew through my budget at Target
  • got some yummy apps for our Oscar night
  • watched the Oscars
  • passed out


  • worked out
  • went to the outlet malls
  • blew through my budget again (what can I say, Splendid, Juicy and Saks Off Fifth love me)
  • ate a wonderful mexican dinner
  • went to see Oy Vey My Son’s Gay (quite funny!)


  • Worked out
  • got dropped off at the Rivers and did some walking around/ reading outside at Starbucks
  • walked around downtown Palm Springs and found the cutest cut off shirt. I had to have it! It was a Hotel California by The Eagles shirt. It reminded me of my dad!
  • Went for a drink at Happy Hour at 3rd Corner Bistro
  • Went for dinner at Tommy Bahamas, and met some funny older men
  • Went to see Unknown (worst movie ever), i fell asleep. But that could have been from the 4 glasses of wine this light weight consumed


  • Went for a bike ride around Rancho Mirage and gawked at all the gorgeous houses
  • picked up some last-minute groceries that I wanted to bring home
  • Lounged outside and read Water For Elephants (finished it and it was amazing!)
  • Got all primped up and went for a drink before our delicious menu tasting at BluAmber restaurant. The restaurant was presenting a new chef.

The menu had 4 courses and each one was better than the last.

The soup was a creamy, velvety White bean soup with a cheese foam. The salad was a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad with an olive oil dressing garnished with basil. The main was either beef short rib with roasted vegetables or sea bass with a miso glaze served over spinach with two spinach stuffed wonton (AMAZING!) and the dessert was fresh strawberries with a sambuca reduced glaze and vanilla bean ice cream. At the beginning they presented us with asiago bread and walnut date. O.M.G good!

  • then we sat at the bar and listened to live music
  • came home, watched Winters bone
  • went to bed

Thursday was the day I was leaving. I started the morning by reading my horoscope in the paper. Thank god I did. It said to double-check times and dates. weird huh? My aunt suggested going to check my flight. Wouldnt you know it…it was delayed. So instead of leaving at 12:30 pm I left around 3pm. I was kind of hoping they would cancel it so I could enjoy one more day in paradise. No bueno.  So now I am home and in the brutal -20 degree weather!!

Hope you enjoyed my lovely to the point summary!!

Day 3. Back from La La Land

1 Mar

Well today is Saturday and we just got back from the dreamy La La Land. Unfortunately no celebrity sightings!

So after I left you yesterday morning my aunt and I went for a really nice workout followed by a pilates class. Holy man some of those older ladies (and I’m talking 70) are A LOT more flexible than I am! They out shined me. When my body was done being stretched out we headed back to the casa and showered, packed our bags and headed out to start our adventure. The drive was really nice. Beautiful scenic view with lots of snow covered mountains. We left around 1:30 and made it there around 6 :s. Yup our 2 hour predictions were slightly off, big shout out to google maps for that. I’d like to say that the directions they gave us weren’t even slightly right.

And we somehow made it to Crenshaw. “The Crenshaw” as in the ghetto, where rappers are from. We high tailed it out of there, used the Iphone maps and made it to the gorgeous Beverly Hills Hilton.

Once we got to our room we decided it was time for a cocktail. So we dressed up for the night ( I rocked my uniform- skinnys, black flowy tank top and a blazer) and headed toward our hotel bar. We sat and sipped wine and talked about life and how I need to find myself a nice man. Word up! The bar had some tasty man treats, but I’m too shy to introduce myself. Anyways, after about two glasses of wine we gathered ourselves up and headed for a cab for our reservations at the Ivy.

The Ivy is known for their stars who are wanting to be seen, and there is usually paporazzi there waiting. Someone must have forgotten to alert the media because there was no one there waiting to take my picture. Oh well, next time :). It was also too bad I filled myself up on wasabi peas and almonds at the bar because by the time we got to ordering I was pretty full. But I still managed to eat minestrone soup, some bread and about half the roasted vegetable salad with chopped up shrimp. Oh and a few bite of pumpkin pie. I can’t say it was the best meal I’ve ever had. From there we headed back to the hotel and passed out! It was a long tiring day.

The next morning we awoke bright and early! We got ourselves together and wandered to the nearest starbucks for our Java fix. We were meeting my cousin for some brunch at Judi’s Deli. The food was good, but the company was better. My cousin is an up and coming rapper who is brilliant. He always had great stories to tell so we always have great conversation. Once brunch was done we wandered to Barneys and Kitson and such. I got some amazing purchases at All Saints and Charles David, I got some kick ass, take names, motorcycle boots! It was awesome!

Around 4 we got back into our ride and headed home. The drive back was soooooo much easier then the drive there! It only took us 2 hours. That night we had dinner reservations at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion. Oh.M.Gee. Best fish I’ve had! I had the Roy’s Trio. It came with 3 perfect tasting portions of fish. One was a butterfish with a teriyaki dressing that absolutely melted in your mouth. The next was a ahi tuna with a wasabi dressing and the third was a salmon. Amazing. So good! And I loved the fact that they served edamame instead of bread. The atmosphere was dark and cozy and the service was great. It was the perfect end to the LA road trip!

We finished up there and the night was still young so I asked my aunt if there was any good bars to go listen to music. She told me about The Nest. Omg what a fun place! It was packed at 8 pm and I was the youngest there. There were cougars, silver foxes, and so much botox and plastic you wouldn’t believe. But every single person there was having the best time! The live music was fun, and the party was bumping! Then we came home, and crashed!

From YEG to CALI

25 Feb

Morning Sunshines!

 I am currently blogging from my comfy bed at my aunties place in Palm Springs! It is gorgeous here! For my 21st birthday I was forunite enough to receive a wonderful gift of a ticket to Palm Springs. So far it has been amazing!

I got in around 11 am and was taken back to my aunt. We picked up some lunch and dined al fresco (awesome 18 degrees celsuis compared to the -30 degrees C I left back at home). Then after lunch my aunt had an appointment so she dropped me off at Trader Joes(!!!) to do some damage. And damage I did!

I picked up:

  • lite kettle corn
  • freeze dried fruit
  •  fage yogurt
  • think thin bite disappointed 😦
  • designer whey
  •  kids cliff bars and some of their bran muffins!

Any suggestions for round two?.

Then after that we came home and immediately got ready for our night out! We drove to the Riviera Hotel (gorgeous!) And went to a showing they had of all the old Pucci and Halston stewerdess outfits throughout the years. It was pretty awesome! So retro and chic.

When it closed we drove to downtown PS to walk through this market they have every Thursday night. They had some very cool artists and the smells from the food vendors were amazing. But it was so cold we cut it short and went for dinner. we narrowed the choice down to sushi and ended up at this very chic sushi restaurant named The Venue. I highly recommend it! They have this vegetarian roll that was wrapped in rice paper instead of seaweed and was melt in your mouth amazing, same with the sashimi and spicy tuna roll. To.die.for. The waiter was to die for too. I should have got his number. Then I followed my sushi down with two bowls of cereal and some tiny thin homemade cookie back at home. Oops, and nuts :s my bad! But so delish!

I am currently in bed, waiting to go to the gym, then a road trip to Los Angeles for the night!!

Have a great weekend 🙂