2011 Goals

My 2011 Goals:

Emotionally and Mentally:

  • Be more positive
  • Stop holding on to negativity and grudges
  • Be more confident
  • Learn to love and appreciate my body and be okay with the changes it will go through to be healthier
  • Possibly fall in love ❤
  • Reconnect with old friends and meet new friends



  • Build strength and be able to do 10 pushups
  • Keep to a gym schedule of 2-3 days weights, 3 days cardio and 2-3 days yoga
  • Try a pole dancing class (supposed to be super fun!)
  • Do a bodypump class
  • Run 3 miles without a break
  • Run in a 5k


  • Be able to do chaturanga during Sun Salutation
  • Do a handstand
  • Hold Dancers pose without falling over
  • Get in and out of Wheel

Business Like:

  • Successfully do a set of nails that don’t break
  • Be able to do a full set of nails within 1 hrs 30 minutes, a fill in an hour
  • Get client number up to 50
  • Start thinking of opening up a salon, or start a personal business
  • Pay Dad back for all the $ he’s helped with towards my future


  • Start reading the paper in the morning
  • Read more educating books and less gossip magazines
  • Travel somewhere special with someone special, or alone in a tour group
  • Document my life through photos to keep more memories
  • Learn intuitive eating. Eat when I’m hungry, not just bored. And not over eat.
  • Self control. With shopping and eating. One cookie and bowl of cereal, not 5, and not feeling the need to spend beyond my means.

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