Love Love Love

1 Jan

I wanted to share a few of my favorite things with you guys!

1. NuSkin Clear Solutions Set-

I love this product. It comes in a set of 4 and you get a wash, toner, day moisturizer and night moisturizer.

I have pretty bad skin and have tried everything. I’ve used proactive, it worked then I got immune to it. I’ve tried Clinque acne cleansers not bad but not great. I used to get a monthly peel and blu-u light. It was awesome, but it didn’t completely help and the added expense wasnt worth it. I take an antibiotic and have been recommended for accutane but honestly it scares me. Then a girlfriend turned me on to this product. Its super easy and works great. The only downside is when you apply the face wash you have to do it on a dry face and wait til the white product turns clear on your skin. So for people who are usually in a rush I recommend applying it before you brush your teeth and then it will ready for when you are done. Then you apply the toner, day or night cream and you are ready to go!!

2. Gel Mani’s and Pedi’s.- As a nail technician I am obsessed with always have color on my nails and toes. I love the fact that you can get gel mani’s and pedi’s now. There are some many colors available and the HUGE upside is they don’t chip, they are always glossy and they strengthen your nails. The only downside is once they’re done, they’re on for 4 weeks.

3. Wildfox Clothing.

My part-time job is working at an independently owned kids clothing boutique. The great part of working there, besides the amazing owners, is being exposed to new lines of clothing. I had never heard of Wildfox before. And when my manager introduced me to the line I instantly became obsessed with it. And I know this lovely lady loves it too! Their pieces are fun, comfy and stylish. In Edmonton its super hard to find so its fun to rock it and be different. It’s an addiction, but I can’t help it 🙂

4. “Why Men Marry Bitches” by Sherry Argov.
I havent gotten past the introduction, but if I’ve read the introduction then I plan on reading the rest. Sherry uses the word “bitch” to describe the kind of girl who takes life by the proverbial balls and is strong and secure with herself. The book clearly states that you don’t have to be married to read the book, it is just to show how men respond the strong women, they admire them. I will do more of a review once I finish the book.

5. Jen Lancaster. Funniest women on the planet. If you have not read any of her memoirs you must. I started reading her books and could not put them down. She is hilarious, sarcastic and says things you have thought about saying but never had the guts. I haven’t laughed out loud so much as I did when I was reading them. You get a copy!!

6. Blogs

I don’t know what my life was like without it haha. Reading blogs has opened my eyes to recipes, activities and foodie items I would have never thought of (pb2 HELLLO!, pb puffins OMG, greek yogurt a staple). Before I started reading blogs I never gave foodie items a second glance. My cousin used to want to take me to Whole Foods and I wasnt impressed. Now? I LOVE WHOLE FOODS! TRADER JOES!! ANY GROCERY STORE! Seriously, when I go to the states my first thing to do is grocery shop. I make lists of items I see on blogs, and magazines and bring another suitcase for all my goodies. I scout out the nearest Whole Foods and go to the hot bar. I just about peed my pants the first time I found their hot bar in Chicago. My dad thought I was nuts. So blogs, I ❤ YOU!

7. Zumba and Hot Yoga

To break out of my excercise rut I rely on Zumba and Yoga. Zumba reinstate my love for dancing, salsa music and booootay shaking. Yoga calms me down, works on my flexibility and helps me reconnect with myself.


An oldie but a goodie. I was late to jump on the Glee bandwagon and now it is the soundtrack I listen to almost daily. It makes me wish my life was a musicial…or atleast I had a Glee club.

9. Mac Studio Fix

One of the only powdered foundations I have found that almost completely cover the acne scars I have on my face. Its light and covers well! I highly recommend it!

10. SnackTaxis.
BEST.INVENTION.EVER. Reuseable snack bags that come in small and sandwich sized. We sell them at my work and I am now the owner of at least 10. I use them for veggies, wraps, cereals, fruit. Basically anything you put in plastic baggies I use them for. They come in cute patterns also!

11. Bows.

Cute. Feminine. Delicate. I love them! I just got some cute shirts from Primp with bows all over them, as well as a Wildfox sweater and an H&M baggy tank. I’m coveting this ring from Tiffany & Co! So cute!

12. Cute Decorated Wine Glasses.

I spotted these during the Christmas season and thought they would make perfect gifts for my girlfriends! They’re hand painted wine glasses and I found three different designs. One about shoes, one about housework and the other with lips on it!

Ques: What are some items your currently lovin right now?


2 Responses to “Love Love Love”

  1. Cassie January 2, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    I am soooo intrigued by this gel mani/pedi concept. (And also, apparently, way behind on this kind of news.) I’m seriously doing research ASAP to see if it’s available anywhere near me.

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