All That Glitters…

18 Jan

Hey! I just HAD to post this new set of nails I did for a girlfriend! I am soooooo freakin in love with them, they make me smile everytime I think about them! This gold glitter is a gel color and I just built her length with a clear builder and then applied two coats of the Almond Rocca. It’s more of a dense color so it goes on quite thick. Loooove it!!

My four weeks was up for a fill so I decided to go with this color called “Nougut”, with a “Angel Dust” glitter on top for a little more somethin somethin. When going with a darker color, it’s better to go with a shorter nail. It’s hard to see because of my crappy Blackberry, but the color is a black with gold sparkles throughout. And then when I added the other sparkle over top it gives it a green/copper sparkle. All these products on this page are by the company INT.

I have to admit I really like doing a solid color then a white tip. I personally think white tips are classy and are perfect for a natural look, or if you are in a strict business setting or for a wedding. Colored gels are a fun change and make a statement. I’m looking forward to learning how to do a glitter tip (like french tip, but make out of glitter) using acrylic.

Hope you enjoy!

Lisa xoxo


One Response to “All That Glitters…”

  1. christina January 20, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    hot damn! love that glittery nail polish. i have some just like it

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