Viva Las Vegas

23 Jan

I have just arrived in Las Vegas for the obligatory 21st birthday trip. This trip brings up so many emotions for me. My mom was a HUGE Vegas lady. She came here with her best friend every summer to drink bellinis and lay by the pool and she always told me that when I turned 21 this would be our trip. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to do that with her. But I am here with my cousin and my mom loved her like a second child so I know this would be what she wanted. I was my cousins maid of honor and we grew up together. My cousin turned 25 earlier this month so we decided to make it a milestone birthday for the both of us. Were both NOT partiers but I know we’ll enjoy some wine and martinis and keep it classy. I’m super excited even though currently I am at baggage claim waiting an hour for her flight to come in! I’m looking forward to some good eats, wine, shopping, catching up with my cousin and going to a few shows! We’ve both been here before but its my first “legal” experience! Any suggestions for restaurants for a vegetarian? Fun places to go?


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