ABC Easy As 1-2-3

23 Feb

These past few days I’ve been seeing some fun “ABC” posts going around. So I thought I’d try!!

A. Age: 21

B. Bed Size: Queen! I had a double for so long and finally got a lovely queen!

C.Chore You Hate: Laundry, especially when it’s done and you have to transfer and hang up clothes and then folding

D.Dogs: Looove! I had a puppy named Lola that I got for my 16th birthday but unfortunately she died a year later from a bleed out. I really want another one, but I’m going to wait til I move out.

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee! I never realized how much it kick starts my day til I didn’t have it one morning! Boo

F. Favorite Color: Such a stereotype but pink, and of course black. But that’s more like a staple.

G.Gold or Silver: Hmmm Most of my everyday jewellery is silver (I wear my mom’s bracelets and a diamond 18th birthday ring in Silver, and then a gold band that was my grandmas’ wedding band) but now I’m starting to love gold.

H.Height: 5’6

I: Instrument you play: I played piano for a while but was never committed to practising so I stopped. I also mastered the recorder haha

J: Job Title: Nail Technician 🙂 and Sales Associate

K: Kids: None right now, but when I meet the right person or when it’s the right time than 2!

L:Live: Edmonton 😦 Not my favorite place. A psychic told me I’m destined for some place else more exciting.

M: Mom’s name: Her name was Brenda. She was my Best friend!

N: Nicknames: Lise, Leezy, Princess (obviously my dad uses that), Larry (what my dad calls me when he likes to think of me as a son haha)

O:Overnight hospital stay: None, but I stayed with my mom several nights

P:Pet Peeve: Ignorant people. People who don’t respect others

Q: Quote from a movie: ” You Lookin At Me? Are You Lookin At Me”

R: Right or Left Handed: Right

S: Siblings: None, only child

T: Time You Wake Up: I always set my alarm for 7:45 am. Weekends usually 8-9 am

U: Underwear: Yup I always wear them thank you very much

V: Vegetables you dislike: Um..None.

W: What makes you run late: Always forgetting something or when I can’t decide what to wear

X: X-Rays you’ve had: None that I can think of. Maybe a chest xray.

Y: Yummy food you make: Rice pudding, Cookies!

Z: Zoo: Favorite Animals: The elephant or baby furry animals!


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