Day 3. Back from La La Land

1 Mar

Well today is Saturday and we just got back from the dreamy La La Land. Unfortunately no celebrity sightings!

So after I left you yesterday morning my aunt and I went for a really nice workout followed by a pilates class. Holy man some of those older ladies (and I’m talking 70) are A LOT more flexible than I am! They out shined me. When my body was done being stretched out we headed back to the casa and showered, packed our bags and headed out to start our adventure. The drive was really nice. Beautiful scenic view with lots of snow covered mountains. We left around 1:30 and made it there around 6 :s. Yup our 2 hour predictions were slightly off, big shout out to google maps for that. I’d like to say that the directions they gave us weren’t even slightly right.

And we somehow made it to Crenshaw. “The Crenshaw” as in the ghetto, where rappers are from. We high tailed it out of there, used the Iphone maps and made it to the gorgeous Beverly Hills Hilton.

Once we got to our room we decided it was time for a cocktail. So we dressed up for the night ( I rocked my uniform- skinnys, black flowy tank top and a blazer) and headed toward our hotel bar. We sat and sipped wine and talked about life and how I need to find myself a nice man. Word up! The bar had some tasty man treats, but I’m too shy to introduce myself. Anyways, after about two glasses of wine we gathered ourselves up and headed for a cab for our reservations at the Ivy.

The Ivy is known for their stars who are wanting to be seen, and there is usually paporazzi there waiting. Someone must have forgotten to alert the media because there was no one there waiting to take my picture. Oh well, next time :). It was also too bad I filled myself up on wasabi peas and almonds at the bar because by the time we got to ordering I was pretty full. But I still managed to eat minestrone soup, some bread and about half the roasted vegetable salad with chopped up shrimp. Oh and a few bite of pumpkin pie. I can’t say it was the best meal I’ve ever had. From there we headed back to the hotel and passed out! It was a long tiring day.

The next morning we awoke bright and early! We got ourselves together and wandered to the nearest starbucks for our Java fix. We were meeting my cousin for some brunch at Judi’s Deli. The food was good, but the company was better. My cousin is an up and coming rapper who is brilliant. He always had great stories to tell so we always have great conversation. Once brunch was done we wandered to Barneys and Kitson and such. I got some amazing purchases at All Saints and Charles David, I got some kick ass, take names, motorcycle boots! It was awesome!

Around 4 we got back into our ride and headed home. The drive back was soooooo much easier then the drive there! It only took us 2 hours. That night we had dinner reservations at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion. Oh.M.Gee. Best fish I’ve had! I had the Roy’s Trio. It came with 3 perfect tasting portions of fish. One was a butterfish with a teriyaki dressing that absolutely melted in your mouth. The next was a ahi tuna with a wasabi dressing and the third was a salmon. Amazing. So good! And I loved the fact that they served edamame instead of bread. The atmosphere was dark and cozy and the service was great. It was the perfect end to the LA road trip!

We finished up there and the night was still young so I asked my aunt if there was any good bars to go listen to music. She told me about The Nest. Omg what a fun place! It was packed at 8 pm and I was the youngest there. There were cougars, silver foxes, and so much botox and plastic you wouldn’t believe. But every single person there was having the best time! The live music was fun, and the party was bumping! Then we came home, and crashed!


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