Sunday Funday to Home Sweet Home

4 Mar

I left off on my trip posting on Saturday night. Here are my days in points!


  • worked out
  • grocery shopped/ blew through my budget at Target
  • got some yummy apps for our Oscar night
  • watched the Oscars
  • passed out


  • worked out
  • went to the outlet malls
  • blew through my budget again (what can I say, Splendid, Juicy and Saks Off Fifth love me)
  • ate a wonderful mexican dinner
  • went to see Oy Vey My Son’s Gay (quite funny!)


  • Worked out
  • got dropped off at the Rivers and did some walking around/ reading outside at Starbucks
  • walked around downtown Palm Springs and found the cutest cut off shirt. I had to have it! It was a Hotel California by The Eagles shirt. It reminded me of my dad!
  • Went for a drink at Happy Hour at 3rd Corner Bistro
  • Went for dinner at Tommy Bahamas, and met some funny older men
  • Went to see Unknown (worst movie ever), i fell asleep. But that could have been from the 4 glasses of wine this light weight consumed


  • Went for a bike ride around Rancho Mirage and gawked at all the gorgeous houses
  • picked up some last-minute groceries that I wanted to bring home
  • Lounged outside and read Water For Elephants (finished it and it was amazing!)
  • Got all primped up and went for a drink before our delicious menu tasting at BluAmber restaurant. The restaurant was presenting a new chef.

The menu had 4 courses and each one was better than the last.

The soup was a creamy, velvety White bean soup with a cheese foam. The salad was a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad with an olive oil dressing garnished with basil. The main was either beef short rib with roasted vegetables or sea bass with a miso glaze served over spinach with two spinach stuffed wonton (AMAZING!) and the dessert was fresh strawberries with a sambuca reduced glaze and vanilla bean ice cream. At the beginning they presented us with asiago bread and walnut date. O.M.G good!

  • then we sat at the bar and listened to live music
  • came home, watched Winters bone
  • went to bed

Thursday was the day I was leaving. I started the morning by reading my horoscope in the paper. Thank god I did. It said to double-check times and dates. weird huh? My aunt suggested going to check my flight. Wouldnt you know it…it was delayed. So instead of leaving at 12:30 pm I left around 3pm. I was kind of hoping they would cancel it so I could enjoy one more day in paradise. No bueno.  So now I am home and in the brutal -20 degree weather!!

Hope you enjoyed my lovely to the point summary!!


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