J Date Me

9 Mar

Single? Taken? Secret Admirer?

I’ve been single for about a year and a half now and I havent been on one date. Lame I know, but when your last relationship was so shitty it’s hard to get back into the saddle. I don’t really party and would prefer to meet a guy outside the bar scene so I wasnt sure how to go about that. So I was stumped and my friends were stumped. They didn’t know who to set me up with or what I wanted.

A few of my girlfriends and family members had kept suggesting to sign up for Match.com or other dating sites. I just wasn’t into it. A few weeks ago my dad signed up for jdate.com. Jdate is a dating website for Jewish people to connect with other jewish people.  At first he wasnt so sure about the site and was going to cancel it, then he started getting hits and kept his profile.

So when I was away I was talking with my aunt and she kept saying to me to try it and sign up. AND I DID! Oh my god, it’s so freaking addicting! I honesty can’t stop checking it and HOLY MAN there are some gooooood looking gentlemen! I may be on the right path to finding mr.right now or mr. right! You can see who views your page, how many hits you get, who’s favorited you and so much more. I could literally spend hours on there creeping. It’s also a little creepy when you see people you know. But the one thing that bothers me is that Im so talkative over the texting or messaging and then when they meet me or I go on a first date I always freeze up and get super shy =(. I also know not to fully trust the people online 100% but I mean it can’t hurt right?

Fingers crossed bloggies!!

Lisa xoxo


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