My Secret Addiction

4 May

Ever since I was little I have had a fasination with tattoos. My dad had tattoos and each one he has is dedicated to my mom and all the obsticales she overcame and every surgery she came through. So it came as no surprise to me when the urge to ink my body came about.

My first tattoo was at the age 15-16 and it was summer. A girlfriend of mine was quite rebellious so we teamed up and got matching tattoos together. We both got our middle names, on the back of our necks. Mine says Paulina (a family member I was named after) and hers said her middle name too. We went to a sketched out place that didn’t require a parent or the age of 18. I kept it pretty well hidden until I was with my parents on vacation in San Diego. It was about a month after my ink was done and we went out for a walk. I was so hot I needed to put my hair up and just as I did my dad spotted the writing and called me out. He didn’t get mad, he actually thought it was funny. And thank god so did my mom! He still teases me about it to this day.

My second tattoo was one that I got on a whim. My parents had gone away and I was bored. So being rebellious I decided to schedule a tattoo appointment. At this point I thought a second wouldn’t hurt. I decided to get the hebrew word “Chai” which translates into “Life”. In the hebrew language when you make a cheer you said ” La Chaim”… “To Life”. And what better word to look down on everyday and think about how to live your life.

My third tattoo is one of my favorites. It’s on my right side and I got it when my mom was in the hospital after she had major surgery. A man named Enrique was intown at a great parlour from Peru and my dad had previously gotten a tattoo done from him. Mine is an Iris and underneath it says “Eternal Love”. It represents the love I feel for my mom and my dad.

On my left side I now have a tulip with my moms signature “B” in the middle and her date of birth. It needs to be redone and incorporated into my last one. I got it again while she was in the hospital right before she passed away. At the same time I also got my dad’s initial and my initial on my wrist.

My last tattoo is a very special one. It is one that my dad and I both share and worked together on the idea. It is the cancer ribbon in blue (for colon cancer) and has the cancer flower, a daffodil blooming in it. Mine also has a rose to symbolize my grandma, Rose. It represents my family and reminds me of the strength everyone who has cancer or who has been affected with cancer.

Now I just need to incorporate them all into a back piece 🙂

As you can see most of my tattoos are dedicated to family. I have some random ones thrown in but the common thread that ties them all together is love and family!


One Response to “My Secret Addiction”

  1. BrittFit June 4, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    LOVE!!! I love the chai one 😉

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