ABC Easy As 1-2-3

23 Feb

These past few days I’ve been seeing some fun “ABC” posts going around. So I thought I’d try!!

A. Age: 21

B. Bed Size: Queen! I had a double for so long and finally got a lovely queen!

C.Chore You Hate: Laundry, especially when it’s done and you have to transfer and hang up clothes and then folding

D.Dogs: Looove! I had a puppy named Lola that I got for my 16th birthday but unfortunately she died a year later from a bleed out. I really want another one, but I’m going to wait til I move out.

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee! I never realized how much it kick starts my day til I didn’t have it one morning! Boo

F. Favorite Color: Such a stereotype but pink, and of course black. But that’s more like a staple.

G.Gold or Silver: Hmmm Most of my everyday jewellery is silver (I wear my mom’s bracelets and a diamond 18th birthday ring in Silver, and then a gold band that was my grandmas’ wedding band) but now I’m starting to love gold.

H.Height: 5’6

I: Instrument you play: I played piano for a while but was never committed to practising so I stopped. I also mastered the recorder haha

J: Job Title: Nail Technician 🙂 and Sales Associate

K: Kids: None right now, but when I meet the right person or when it’s the right time than 2!

L:Live: Edmonton 😦 Not my favorite place. A psychic told me I’m destined for some place else more exciting.

M: Mom’s name: Her name was Brenda. She was my Best friend!

N: Nicknames: Lise, Leezy, Princess (obviously my dad uses that), Larry (what my dad calls me when he likes to think of me as a son haha)

O:Overnight hospital stay: None, but I stayed with my mom several nights

P:Pet Peeve: Ignorant people. People who don’t respect others

Q: Quote from a movie: ” You Lookin At Me? Are You Lookin At Me”

R: Right or Left Handed: Right

S: Siblings: None, only child

T: Time You Wake Up: I always set my alarm for 7:45 am. Weekends usually 8-9 am

U: Underwear: Yup I always wear them thank you very much

V: Vegetables you dislike: Um..None.

W: What makes you run late: Always forgetting something or when I can’t decide what to wear

X: X-Rays you’ve had: None that I can think of. Maybe a chest xray.

Y: Yummy food you make: Rice pudding, Cookies!

Z: Zoo: Favorite Animals: The elephant or baby furry animals!


D.I.Y Mondays

21 Feb

Well Hello Strangers! I’m still against the wall about this blog as I feel I am talking to myself on  here haha. Hopefully there is someone out there!!

I am quickly realizing there are a lot of perks about becoming a licensed nail technician. I now have access to all the suppliers and wholesalers! You know what that means? Not paying retail prices!! Yay!! Starting off that is fantastic. Products are cheaper and I don’t have to pay someone else to beautify me.

Take today for example. I’ve dyed my hair with a salon hair dye (no more box), I have waxed myself (no more paying other people a godly cost for it) and I have done my toes and nails for my upcoming vacay. This is fantastic!

What are your indulges at the spa?

Lisa xoxo

The Look Of Love

1 Feb

While I was travelling I saw several ladies rocking a certain style and I fell in love/ obsessed about completing this look. It’s a pretty simple style but it needs to be just right! It was leggings, a wife beater tank top, a fitted or loose mens button down and either motorcyle, knee highs or over the knee boots. I found the perfect button down at J.Crew and then completed the look with a Wilfred tank top and Steve Madden boots.


Question! What look are you into right now? Any favorite must haves??

Viva Las Vegas

23 Jan

I have just arrived in Las Vegas for the obligatory 21st birthday trip. This trip brings up so many emotions for me. My mom was a HUGE Vegas lady. She came here with her best friend every summer to drink bellinis and lay by the pool and she always told me that when I turned 21 this would be our trip. Unfortunately I’ll never be able to do that with her. But I am here with my cousin and my mom loved her like a second child so I know this would be what she wanted. I was my cousins maid of honor and we grew up together. My cousin turned 25 earlier this month so we decided to make it a milestone birthday for the both of us. Were both NOT partiers but I know we’ll enjoy some wine and martinis and keep it classy. I’m super excited even though currently I am at baggage claim waiting an hour for her flight to come in! I’m looking forward to some good eats, wine, shopping, catching up with my cousin and going to a few shows! We’ve both been here before but its my first “legal” experience! Any suggestions for restaurants for a vegetarian? Fun places to go?

All That Glitters…

18 Jan

Hey! I just HAD to post this new set of nails I did for a girlfriend! I am soooooo freakin in love with them, they make me smile everytime I think about them! This gold glitter is a gel color and I just built her length with a clear builder and then applied two coats of the Almond Rocca. It’s more of a dense color so it goes on quite thick. Loooove it!!

My four weeks was up for a fill so I decided to go with this color called “Nougut”, with a “Angel Dust” glitter on top for a little more somethin somethin. When going with a darker color, it’s better to go with a shorter nail. It’s hard to see because of my crappy Blackberry, but the color is a black with gold sparkles throughout. And then when I added the other sparkle over top it gives it a green/copper sparkle. All these products on this page are by the company INT.

I have to admit I really like doing a solid color then a white tip. I personally think white tips are classy and are perfect for a natural look, or if you are in a strict business setting or for a wedding. Colored gels are a fun change and make a statement. I’m looking forward to learning how to do a glitter tip (like french tip, but make out of glitter) using acrylic.

Hope you enjoy!

Lisa xoxo

DJ Play My Song

10 Jan

Music has always been a big part of my life. The first song I really remember was “Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison. My dad used to play it for my mom and I and it was always “our” song. He tells me it was the song that was playing on the radio during time I was born. Music sucks me in, makes me zone out and takes me to a place I can really let go.  The genres range from Broadway, some country, disco, pop, to hip hop, jazz, latin, alternative and oldies.  I’m the kind of girl who could go to a club sober and as long as there is good music I will dance… and sing.

I have always loved to sing and dance. When I was younger I used to have a HUGE binder full of lyrics that I would print off the internet. I really have no idea why I did that. But I know I used to sit in front of the computer with Kazaa on and sing along while reading the lyrics. And musicals? Dont even get me started.  If I was super talented Broadway would be my job. I loved to entertain. When we had dinner at my grandparents house on Friday nights I would put on their record player, put in  the Sound of Music, or Fiddler on the Roof and entertain them with my singing, dancing and acting. I would put on shows for my cousins behind their house with my dance moves to Grease. And I would sing along with my cousins to broadway music too. It was always a dance party for me.

When my mom was sick my dad made a cd for our friends and family with all the songs she loved on it. Now every time I listen to a song that is on the cd I am reminded of my mom and it brings back good memories. We always had music playing in her room at the hospital and I like to think it was soothing her pain and ours as well.

Music has also brought me closer to my dad. Its one of the strong things we have in common.We could easily go away to Cuba and listen to the music there at night, go to New Orleans and sit in a club , and when we went to Chicago we hit up a few blues clubs and reconnected through music.

Music will always be my heart and soul. Without it I don’t know how I would live!

Lisa xoxo

T-4 Days!

4 Jan




Til I Become a Nail Technician…Fingers Crossed People!!